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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 19, 2016 6:20am
Forum: movies Subject: The item wants me to go where?

There's Kenneth Udut with his multitude of self generated thousands of uploads that he initially claimed was some sort of saved but just now/then transferred - - - 6.8 second snippets of quite often his own face-

Then there's Funny-Or-Die, 555, Hudt,, arkiver (just to name a few) and John Hauser - - - all automated arkivers with their own talents for 'contributing' to the overwhelming of other participants. Tha's jus' what I wanna do; scan through literally thousands of uploads automatically uploaded.

Whether these uploaders turn out to be people of something else - - - like individual groups or 'churches' or jus' cyberspace experimenters has yet to be seen.

Now a NEW abuser - - - but who? Who is it? The latest contributer (to the community Video) seems to be offering another multitude of auto uploaded items but these have different source identifiers and there's no " by _ _ _ _ _ " listed - - - - which makes mass identifying this contributer is gonna hafta be done manually. And just WHAT are these items? - - - a single pichur and a download link to elsewhere. . . . . . LOTS o' 'em. Lots and LOTS o' 'em.

So much for providing an archive for the folks that actually wanna preserve items for posterity.

Just an observation.

Guluck AI

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Poster: yoyolol Date: May 20, 2016 11:23am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: The item wants me to go where?

Can you please help in fixing the TV News archive? I've posted three threads about it now and still no admin has helped or even fixed's the latest thread;

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Poster: PDpolice Date: May 21, 2016 5:23am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: The item wants me to go where?

It may speed things up for you if you post your request in the Gratetful Dead forum.